For Managers

 Managing for Managers 3 day course
This course is for managers who want time away from their duties to reflect and improve on their management practises. This course is very practical & gives managers the opportunity to both develop & share practice.  
 It covers:
- management styles, which to use when
- how to motivate your staff
- finding support for yourself - it's tough at the top
- communicating effectively with your staff
- how to run effective supervision
- handling performance problems
- managing your own workload
- delegating, the how & the why
- action planning to put it into practise

Managing Staff 2 day course
This course is very similar to the 3 day programme.
It covers:
- developing your management styles
- how to motivate yourself & your staff
- developing effective supervision systems
- handling performance problems
- managing your own workload & those of your staff

Managing Staff 1 day
This course is for managers who are new to managing, giving them the opportunity to discuss management issues with other new managers; learning some of the theory but most importantly looking at practical, results focussed ways of managing.
It covers:
- different management styles - one size doesn't fit all
- are you managing or are you still operating?
- managing the team, task & individual
- motivating staff & motivation theory 
- good practice in supervision 
- how to develop staff to get results 

Recruitment & Selection of Staff 
This 1 day course covers all the basics of running successful recruitment in an equal opportunities framework. It is suitable for anyone who has to recruit paid staff. 
It covers: 
- how to undertake a job analysis 
- writing good quality job descriptions & personnel specifications 
- developing effective questions for interviewing 
- using a scoring system to ensure equality 
- giving feedback to unsuccessful applicants 

Supervision & Coaching - 1 day
This course is for anyone who runs supervision sessions & is responsible for the development of staff
It covers:
- defining support, supervision & coaching
- essential components of supervision
- the coaching focus in supervision
- engaging with different learning styles
- the coaching continuum
- performance improvement cycle
- skills required for coaching


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