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We have a wide range of courses on different aspects of Communication Skills.
Here are a selection.  If you would like a quote for any of the courses, or if you can't see exactly what you are looking for, contact us through the website. We try to reply within 24 hours.

Negotiation Skills
Everyone has to negotiate with others at some point. So whether you need to negotiate with suppliers, funders, customers or clients this course will give you the skills to do this. It covers:
- when should we negotiate
- the principles of negotiation
- the negotiation process
- planning & preparation to be effective
- communication behaviours used by skilled negotiators

We all need to be able to be assertive in order to do our jobs well and get along with  others.
This course covers:
- different behaviour choices open to us
- what assertive behaviour really is
- how to start being assertive
- what words & phrases do we use
- the body language habits we need to develop
- and lots of practise to develop confidence

Dealing with Difficult People 
This course is for anyone who has to deal with 'difficult' people and situations. 
It covers: 
- what makes people behave in a difficult way 
- what constitutes difficult behaviour 
- identifying how you deal with conflict & the consequences of your style 
- using assertive behaviour techniques to deal with difficult people 
- how to negotiate in difficult situations 
- communication techniques to ensure a win-win situation 
- using appropriate body language techniques to diffuse situations

Listening Skills 
Many people have to listen as part of their work role - some people aren't very good at it. This course is for anyone who, as part of their role, has to listen to others. 
It covers: 
- what listening is & what it isn't  
- understanding active listening 
- listening below the words 
- how to make appropriate responses 
- and plenty of practise to go away with the skills of an effective listener

Building Confidence 
Lacking confdence in different areas of an individuals life can really stop them from succeeding. This course gives participants the opportunity to review their levels of confidence in different areas of their life and decide which they would like to work on. 

- what is confidence
- how does a confident person look & behave
- how can we be more confident
- identifying self-limiting beliefs
- overcoming self-limiting beliefs
- creating an action plan to try things out

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