Frequently Asked Questions about mytrainingresources

Director Ko Leong
Ko Leong

Sahara Consultancy UK Ltd is the parent company of
It is run by Sandy & Ko Leong.
Sandy runs the training side of the business and Ko Leong heads up the technical and production side of things.
Sahara Consultancy is a leading provider of training and training materials with almost 20 years of training experience ensuring both experience and excellence in all our training and training materials.

Director Sandy Leong
Sandy Leong

Sandy Leong heads up the training team, developing and responding to training opportunities. She also sources new training materials for this site.
If you are looking for training courses or trainers to run your programmes contact Sandy Leong on +44(0)1509 234628 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about mytrainingresources? - you can email us at or ring us on +44(0)714082109 and we will answer it for you . Or your question might be listed below - have a look.

  • Can I have a look at the materials before I buy them? - If you are ordering from within the UK we will send out materials on 7 days approval.
  • Do you offer any support when I have purchased some material and am not too sure how to deliver some of it? - Yes we do. All our materials have been tried and tested by our training team and we are familiar with using them. We would love to talk you through anything you're not sure about. You can ring us or send us an email
  • Do you post stuff overseas? - Yes we do. We have a customer base all over the world and we will send out orders, postage & package free. We are developing our list of resources that can be put straight into your mail box and this makes it quicker to get stuff to you if you are out of the UK.
  • Can I choose to have materials sent straight into my inbox?  - Yes, you can request this; we are extending our list of stuff that can be sent out this way.
  • Can I return materials I have bought if I find them not suitable? - Yes, you can. However I'm sure you understand that it is so easy to copy training materials, so we ask you to respect our copyright and return them to us, unused within 30 days. This doesn't apply to ematerials that are downloaded straight to your inbox
  • Can I talk to a real person before I place an order to check out it will be what I want? - Yes you can. Call us in office hours and if there is no -one there  (we are often all out training!) - we will get back to you within 3 hours- as we pick up our messages on a regular basis.
  • Do you have any other materials besides the ones on the website? - We are constantly developing materials; tell us what you want and we may have something in the pipeline or something out of our own training teams resources that we can send to you.
  • How do I pay for my order? - If you are out of the UK we ask that you pay by PayPal, or by debit or credit card at our secure checkout. If you are in the UK you can choose to pay at the checkout or we will invoice you and send this with your order. All orders of downloads must be paid for when ordering.


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