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Sandy Leong and the training team at MyTrainingResources, have over 25 years experience in delivering training to a wide variety of organisations. They have a reputation for interactive, results focussed and fun sessions that ensure participants go away being able to apply what they have learnt in the classroom to every day situations in the workplace.

Improving your Speaking Skills
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This is a programme for anyone who wants to improve their confidence, make things happen, develop leadership and inspire others. So, whether you are a manager wanting to motivate your staff, a volunteer wanting to find your voice or a young person wanting an extra skill to put you head and shoulders above your peers, the Stand & Deliver programme can help you.

The Stand & Deliver Team are all speaking professionals and are passionate about passing on this incredibly powerful skill to others; being a confident  public speaker opens up many doors for individuals to get what they want out of life. We speak at conferences, run training sessions and in fact spend most of our lives speaking in front of small, medium and large audiences and love it!

Presenting to Any Audience 1 day
A powerful programme to give you all the basics of public speaking
you will leave the day  -
- knowing how to put a presentation together
- knowing how to open with impact & close with a memorable message
- knowing what to do with your hands, feet & everything else that gets out of control
- knowing how to cope with nerves
- and having had the opportunity to practise in a safe & supportive environment

Training for Trainers

We have a suite of programmes designed to develop the skills of trainers, for those new to training and also those who have some experience but want to further enhance thier skills.

How to BE a Top Trainer  (1 day)
Our very popular 1 day programme for delegates who wish to hone up their training skills to give them the ''edge'' when running a training course.
You will leave the day
· knowing the powerful learning styles and how to apply them to your training
· knowing how to ensure that every group is in the right frame of mind to  learn
· knowing how to maximise on participants left brain/ right brain  thinking
· knowing the techniques of powerful presenting
· knowing how to maximise the transfer of learning
· knowing how to make every subject interesting to engage your participants  

Training for Trainers  (2 days)
This course is for those who are new to training or those who wish to move into training maybe as part of their job role.
Participants will leave the course:
- understanding the training cycle
- knowing how to conduct a basic training needs analysis
- being able to set learning objectives for your training courses
- feeling confident to plan a training session that works really well
- having had opportunities to practise the skills you have learnt
- and having had fun with some like minded people 

Training for Trainers Advanced -  (2 day)
This  course is for those who have some experience of training but want to increase their skills and knowledge.
Participants will leave the course being able to:
- deal with difficult participants
- understand how to prepare & run a facilitation
- decide which training method to use & know why to use it  
- run different types of training techniques with confidence
- and have increased your trainers toolbag of methods & training techniques   

Instructional Techniques (1 day)
A competent team leader, supervisor or manager can instruct a team well on how to perform a task or tasks, in such a way which engages the attention and interest of the learner.

You will leave this course knowing
- how much to say & in what order
- how to make learning memorable & understandable
- how to develop a checklist of preparation points
- and having practised 1:1 training sessions 

Want a quote?

If you would like to discuss running any of these programmes in your organisation for your staff or volunteers, or as part of your open programme, or you would like something tailored exactly to your needs, contact us for a no obligation quote.

  • tell us who you are,
  • what you would like 
  • and for how many participants.
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