Sandy Leong - StoryTelling

Everybody can relate to stories. Stories are one of the most useful resources to entertain an audience and to capture and keep the attention of a training group. We have brought together stories for you to entertain an audience and stories to use on your training sessions. Whether you are a speaker, trainer or storyteller here are some useful resources.

Book a STORY for your groups Christmas session

Stories for Christmas 
No matter whether we are young or old or somewhere in the middle we all love a good story. Be entertained with stories especially chosen for the Christmas season. Listen to folktales from Russia and Italy; a true and poignant story of how a well-known Christmas classic song came about and the funny tale of how the tradition of a fairy on top of the Christmas tree started. 

Santa Claus – The Story 
Christmas is celebrated all over the world. A Christian festival that is enjoyed with traditions and stories. But who was St Nicolas; and how did Santa Claus come about; and who developed the story of Santa’s reindeers? Come and listen to the history behind Father Christmas, some Christmas Stories and fictitious and humorous news about possible cuts to Christmas


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