Customer Communication 

4 courses

These courses will help sharpen your communication skills with customers and teach you how to build a rapport with your clients.

1 | Customer Service Fundamentals: Building a Rapport in Customer Relationships

This course covers how to build rapport with customers by being customer-focused. This includes being able to connect with your customers, being positive, paying close attention to the customers’ needs, and understanding their feelings by empathizing with them.


2 | Developing Your Customer Focus

Customers have the power — the power of choice. So how can you make it an easy decision for them to choose you and your company? This Challenge Series exercise explores how to know, meet, and anticipate what your customers are looking for.


3 | Essential Skills for Professional Telephone Skills

This course introduces the essential skills for professional telephone usage. It covers best practices for making and receiving telephone calls, recording and leaving voice mail messages, and the etiquette guidelines for using cell phones.


4 | The Angry Caller: What's Your Plan

Dealing with angry callers is something every customer service representative and salesperson will face at one time or another. This Business Impact explores a four-step approach for making encounters with irate customers a productive experience.


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